Children: Birth - 6th Grade

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WHO is this ministry for? Infants-6th Grade

WHAT is it about? This is a ministry specifically designed with children in mind! We desire to teach kids in fun and age-appropriate ways the truth about God and His love for them,to shepherd them to know and love Him personally, and to know how to share that love with others.

WHEN does it take place? Every Sunday morning at 10am during our Central Gathering time!  Children in the Nursery Class (babies who aren't yet walking) and Walkers Class (walking one year olds) can be taken to their KidsLIFEclasses as early as 9:50am. All other children are welcome to join their parents in the gym until children are dismissed to their classes.

WHERE is it located? All KidsLIFE classes meet at Flint Hills Christian School, where we meet for our regular Central Gatherings.

​HOW do I get connected? If you would like to connect with KidsLIFE, including upcoming events, reminders, parents resources and more, please join the New Hope KidsLIFE Facebook Group. Kira Buser, the director of KidsLIFE, would also love to chat with you about ways you can get connected in the ministry as well!  Contact info for Kira below.


The school year is off to a great start! Here's a quick update on all the fun things our kids will be learning this year in KidsLIFE:

    Our Walkers-PreK Classes will be going through the Read with Me Bible. We will take the children through key stories throughout the Old Testament during most of the first semester where will be teaching how God has testified of His glorious deeds and mighty power. We will explore God's greatness by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the Old Testament with a desire to acquaint children with our great God whose character never changes. We will then begin the New Testament with Jesus’ birth for our Christmas Celebration. The New Testament beautifully unfolds the wonder and power of Jesus Christ. We will explore the greatness of God in Christ by noting key themes found throughout the New Testament as we acquaint children with Jesus Christ Our Lord. We will be focusing on how God is the hero of each and every story, and how each story is part of the whole rescue plan that God has in place for His people. There will be three key themes we will be touching on in every story: God loves me, God is powerful, and God wants to be my friend.



    Our K/1st grade class will be studying the curriculum The ABCs of God. This curriculum uses the framework of the alphabet to teach children key attributes of God and other words that define His character. These are deep doctrinal truths that answer the most important questions for each of us, namely: Who is God? What is God like? How should I act toward God?Furthermore, there is a strategic design and flow to the study that slowly and carefully leads to a clear presentation of the Gospel. In doing so, the children will better see and understand the essence, means, and goal of salvation within the larger context of God’s character.


  • 2ND/3RD GRADE 
    Our 2nd/3rd grade class will be studying the curriculum Faithful to All His Promises. This curriculum studies God’s precious promises. Although many specific promises are taught, the greater aim is to lead children to trust in the promises of God. The battle in the Christian life is not just to know God’s promises, but to place confidence in them. To that end, we will be “simulating” a faith experience for the children, and modeling for your child the nature of a trustworthy promise giver. Each child is promised a special Promise Item, but they will not all receive this gift at the same time! Some will wait a few weeks, others a few months – just as we often have to wait a long time for the fulfillment of some of the promises of God. The point of this exercise is to keep trusting, even when it’s hard, even when it takes a long time, and even when things don’t appear fair.


Our 4th-6th grade class will be studying the curriculum How Majestic is Your Name. This curriculum studies the use of God’s names to reveal His character. As youth see who God really is, the irresistible goodness and greatness of His character will draw them to Him. How can you help but admire a God like Elohim, who created the whole universe from within Himself? How can you help but stand in awe of Yahweh, who exists without need of anyone or anything? How can you not be attracted to Jehovah-Jireh, who anticipates your every need? How can you not be comforted by El Roi, who sees every situation you face in life, or by Jehovah-Shammah, who is “there” for you at all times? How can you not love Jehovah-Rohi, who watches over you with a Shepherd’s love for His shee



KidsLIFE Valentine's Party on February 10th.

Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt for KidLIFE following Central Gathering on April 21st.

Summer KidsLIFE Kick-Off on May 26th.