Children: Birth - 6th Grade

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WHO is this ministry for? Infants-6th Grade

WHAT is it about? This is a ministry specifically designed with children in mind! We desire to teach kids in fun and age-appropriate ways the truth about God and His love for them,to shepherd them to know and love Him personally, and to know how to share that love with others.

WHEN does it take place? Every Sunday morning at 10am during our Central Gathering time!  Children in the Nursery Class (babies who aren't yet walking) and Walkers Class (walking one year olds) can be taken to their KidsLIFEclasses as early as 9:50am. All other children are welcome to join their parents in the gym until children are dismissed to their classes.

WHERE is it located? All KidsLIFE classes meet at Flint Hills Christian School, where we meet for our regular Central Gatherings.

​HOW do I get connected? If you would like to connect with KidsLIFE, including upcoming events, reminders, parents resources and more, please join the New Hope KidsLIFE Facebook Group. Kira Buser, the director of KidsLIFE, would also love to chat with you about ways you can get connected in the ministry as well!  Contact info for Kira below.


The school year is off to a great start! Here's a quick update on all the fun things our kids will be learning this year in KidsLIFE:

  • Jesus Storybook BibleWALKERS-PREK
    Our Walkers-PreK will be going through the Jesus Storybook Bible. This curriculum invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures, to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation - and at the center of their story too! Each class, Walkers, Twos Class, Threes Class, and Fours/PreK Class will be doing age appropriate activities, games, and crafts that will help them learn how every story whispers His name!  If you don't have a personal copy, consider grabbing one at the Resource Table next Sunday morning for $10 or order one online.
  • Jesus What A SaviorK/1ST GRADE 
    Our K/1st grade class will be studying the curriculum Jesus, What a Savior! Our children (like us) are helpless sinners, deserving of God’s eternal wrath. Children need to hear this truth so that they, like us, can turn to the perfect and only remedy—the free gift of salvation through Jesus the Savior! Each lesson is designed to present the material, including Bible stories, in a way that proclaims the centrality of the greatness and worth of God. This chronological study on redemption focuses on God’s revelation of His Son, Jesus, as the one and only hope for desperate sinners—the good news of the Gospel!
  • In The Beginning Jesus2ND/3RD GRADE 
    Our  2nd/3rd grade class will be studying the curriculum In the Beginning…Jesus. This curriculum was written to assist children in understanding the “big picture” of the Bible. The curriculum has been designed to help children see that the focus of the Bible centers around the Person and work of Jesus. Through this study we hope that children will better comprehend the intentional flow of the Bible – the progressive revelation of God’s plan of redemption and the eternal, sovereign nature of that plan. Furthermore, by beginning the study with Jesus and His death on the cross, we will emphasize the necessity of Jesus in fully understanding the Old Testament.
  • My Purpose Will Stand4TH-6TH GRADE 
    Our 4th-6th grade class will be studying the curriculum My Purpose Will Stand. This is a study for children on the providence of God. The providence of God is a glorious doctrine of the Christian faith, teaching us that God preserves and governs everything in the universe. What a joy it is to know that nothing is determined by chance or fate, but by the hand of a holy, wise, and loving God, who orders all things for His own glory! This wonderful truth enables us to be thankful for all the good things that happen in our lives, and to be confident in God’s omnipotent care in the midst of trials.


  • October 29th: Costume Party for KidsLIFE, Lord’s Supper Sunday (K-6th will join the Central Gathering), Baptism Celebration