Armstrong LIFE Group

Point Leaders: Aaron & Audrey Armstrong
Co-Leaders: Kirby & Cara LeMoine

Wednesday evenings; 6-8pm

This semester our ladies are reading and sharing about the book, Breathe by

Priscilla Shirer. Our men are reading and sharing through the book Manhood

Restored by Eric Mason. We meet on the westside on Wednesday evenings

from 6:30-8:00 and would love to have you join us. Childcare is not

provided, though some families could potentially go in together. For more

information, email


If you are interested in visiting this LIFE Group, just fill out the info below and one of the point leaders will contact you shortly with more information about how you can visit (if this is a good week to visit, where they're meeting this week, what to bring, etc.).  If you're planning to bring a spouse/significant other and/or kids, please include that info as well so the group leaders can direct you accordingly.  

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