Lenz LIFE Group

Point Leaders: Nathan & Crystal Lenz
Co-Leaders: Keithen & Valerie Meyer

Tuesday evenings; 6:30-8:30pm

How do we persevere through suffering? As one of the main themes of the book, we’ll

talk about that and so much more as we follow along with the sermon series on the

Gospel of Mark. We’ll meet biweekly to discuss the sermon (with dessert forks in

hand!), and on the off weeks, we’ll have a family meal together or break up into men’s

and women’s groups. Join us Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30! Childcare is not

provided, but please let us know if you need help coordinating childcare and we

would be happy to help! Please email lenz.crystal@gmail.com to get plugged in.

If you are interested in visiting this LIFE Group, just fill out the info below and one of the point leaders will contact you shortly with more information about how you can visit (if this is a good week to visit, where they're meeting this week, what to bring, etc.).  If you're planning to bring a spouse/significant other and/or kids, please include that info as well so the group leaders can direct you accordingly. 

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