Men's and Women’s Ministries

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Men's and Women’s Ministries primarily exists within New Hope LIFE Groups. We embrace life with one another outside of Sunday mornings and encourage men and women to connect with a LIFE Group to get more involved. In addition to LIFE Groups, we plan periodic events, retreats, and studies for the men and women of New Hope to fellowship and connect with others of their same gender. 

Current Women's Studies:

If you're interested in visiting or more info about any of these studies, contact the study's point person or email Brooke Ethridge at

  • MomLIFE
    Mondays | 10am-noon
    MomLIFE is a weekly group for mothers that meets to study the Word and talk about how we as moms can live on mission together as we raise children to know God.  Childcare is provided for those who RSVP.  Begins January 30, 2017.  Point Contact: Audrey Armstrong.
  • Ladies Luncheon
    Tuesdays | noon-1pm
    This hour lunch time study is open to all women who have limited time for study and preparation but are longing for encouragement and accountability.  Begins February 6, 2017.  Point Contact: Darla Gevock
  • Children of the Day
    2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the Month | 6:30pm
    This study by Beth Moore is on 1 & 2 Thessalonians . Begins February 8, 2017.  Point Contact: Cherrisse Sabillon.
  • The Lamb of God
    Thursdays | 1-2:30pm
    This study by Nancy Guthrie of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deutermonmy covers Israel’s emergence from slavery in Egypt, receiving God’s law at Mount Sinai, and wandering in the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.  We see Jesus pictured in the unblemished lambs, in the pillar of fire, the manna, and the rock that gushed with water for them to drink. In the law of God given to Moses, we discover a picture of the only person who has ever obeyed God perfectly. In every aspect of the tabernacle, the priesthood, the laws for clean and unclean we see the way Jesus saves us and cleanses us and loves us.  Begins February 2, 2017 with info meeting.  Point Contact: Nancy Jaques.