June 1, 2014

Stewarts' Farewell Sunday: Testimonies & Reflections

Ben Duell, Brett Ballou, Brian Sturm, Annetta Schum, Dave Geldart, Tony Classen, Ben Deaver
Stewarts, farewell, Testimonies, testimony, reflections, sharing, goodbye

Stewart Family PicThis was a special gathering to celebrate the Stewarts' 10 years at New Hope. Rather than a typical message, the morning included testimonies and reflections shared by multiple people, interspersed with songs. This audio is a compilation of each of those seven testimonies and reflections. If you want to jump to a particular person's testimony, see the time signatures below:

  • Ben & Kristin Duell - 0:54
  • Brett Ballou - 8:58
  • Brian Sturm - 12:05
  • Annetta Schum - 16:14
  • Dave Geldart - 18:52
  • Tony Classen - 26:15
  • Ben Deaver - 31:16