January 4, 2015

Who's Really On Trial?

Luke 22:63-23:25

Ben Duell, Dave Geldart
Message Series: 
The Kingdom of Jesus: A Study Through the Gospel of Luke (2014-2015)
Bible Book(s): 
trail, jesus, Herod, Pilate, Jewish leaders, priests, scribes, mock, beat, Barabbas, crowds, crowd, missed, see, clearly, bible, remembering, reading, discipline, growth, WOTY, #WOTY2015, word of the year, training

This message examines the trials of Jesus at the hands of the Jewish and Roman leaders.  Luke wants us to see that it's actually Jesus' accusers who are on trial, and they each missed seeing Jesus clearly-- for different reasons.  We too have to fight to see Jesus clearly.  This message was prepared by Dave Geldart, but when he got sick last minute, it was presented by Ben Duell.