January 3, 2016

Looking Forward: 2016 WOTYs and BHAGGs

Philippians 3:12-17

Dave Geldart
Message Series: 
Looking Back & Looking Forward (2015-2016)
Bible Book(s): 
looking, back, forward, goals, growth, word, words, WOTY, BHAGG, BHAG, setting, perfectionism, boasters, defeaters, good, works, sanctification, rewards

This second of this mini-series talks about looking forward, pressing on, spiritual growth, avoiding perfectionism, and embracing grace-based goal setting.  Because of the Gospel of Grace, we are freed to try!  And our lives now really matter.

This message specifically covers WOTYs and BHAGGs (Words Of The Year and Big, Hairy, Audacious, God-sezed Goals).

Video of this Message: