March 6, 2016

...But God...

Ephesians 1:20-2:10

Robbie Nutter
Message Series: 
Ephesians: Adopted Redeemed Therefore (2016-2017)
Bible Book(s): 
Ephesians, but, God, canvas, canvases, workmanship, glory, throne, reign, depravity, sin, heaven

This message looks at three canvases painted for us in this section of Ephesians: God's glory, man's depravity, and man's glory because of the Gospel, which is already and not yet.  It also shows us the two most profound and important words in the entire Bible: "...But God..." which beyond all hope or imagination brings us through the infinite distance between canvas #2 and canvas #3.  "Christ's blood doesn't just get us into Heaven, it gets us on the throne [with Jesus]!"  

This recording begins with about 4 minutes of welcome and announcements by Dick Jaques.

Video of this Message:

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the quality of this video is somewhat low.