September 18, 2016

Baptism Celebration & "Jesus, The 3mph God"

Psalm 23:1-3

Ben Deaver
Bible Book(s): 
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This special Central Gathering began with a baptism celebration in which six New Hopers shared their testimonies and got baptized.  Then Ben Deaver, freshly back from his sabbatical, talked about his summer and challenged us to learn to walk slowly with Jesus in rest and peace.

The recording begins with the testimonies and baptisms of these people:  

  1. Cadee Penrod (2:30)
  2. Kate Deaver (3:40)
  3. Hannah Classen (7:57)
  4. Malia Sapp (10:02)
  5. Josie Sapp (11:19)
  6. Matthew Schmitz (16:56)

The sabbatical report & message from Ben Deaver begins around the 29 minute mark.

Video of this Message: