October 9, 2016

Every Member a Minister: Building Up the Body

Ephesians 4:11-16

Ben Deaver
Message Series: 
Ephesians: Adopted Redeemed Therefore (2016-2017)
Bible Book(s): 
Ephesians, adopted, redeemed, therefore, every, member, minister, ministry, gifts, build, body, love, traditional, organic, church, model, priests, gospel

This message looks again at the call on all believers (not just the hired, professionals) to do the work of ministry -- namely building up them body of Christ in love.  Misunderstanding this passage and the implications of this New Testament/organic model of church and ministry have allowed the Old Testament/traditional model to persist into the Christian age with arguably fatal consequences.  

The recording begins with ~ 2:30 of welcome and announcements by Lizy Johnson and ends with a brief time of testimonies.

Video of this Message: