July 16, 2017

Looking Up

Psalm 8

Dave Geldart
Message Series: 
The Psalms: Jesus' Prayer Book (2017)
Bible Book(s): 
Psalm, Psalms, look, looking, up, majestic, Lord, heavens, stars, galaxies, nebulas, space, small, humans, Son of Man, jesus, gospel, strength, satan, angels, worship, shine

This message looks at Psalm 8 as perhaps the most masterful hymn ever written, ultimately inviting us to look up and discover a vast cosmic landscape where tiny, frail humans are lifted up in an unlikely display of God's great strength to silence Satan and the rebel angels.

This recording begins with ~ 4:40 of welcome and announcements by Lizy Johnson.

Video of this Message:

Video of the Pets Object Lesson:

This summer KidsLIFE Pets Object Lesson was given before this message during New Hope's Central Gathering by Dick Jaques.