October 29, 2017

Baptism Celebration & Lord's Supper Sunday

Dick Jaques
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This special Central Gathering included the celebration of 7 baptisms and testimonies and also brief words about baptism and the Lord's Supper.

This recording begins with ~ 3:30 of welcome and announcements by Dick Jaques.

Approximate start times for each person's baptism & testimony are provided below:

  1. Baptism #1: Caleb Classen, baptized by Tony Classen [9:50]
  2. Baptism #2: Tucker Duell, baptized by Ben Duell [12:00]
  3. Baptism #3: Allie Dunn, baptized by Ben Deaver [14:35]
  4. Baptism #4: Zulena Sanchez, baptized by Dick Jaques [16:10]
  5. Baptism #5: Jason Rounds, baptized by Bronwyn Douglas [21:45]
  6. Baptism #6: Payton Mills, baptized by Rudy Mills [24:25]
  7. Baptism #7: Adaya Hedges, baptized by Tim Hedges [28:40]

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