April 22, 2018

The Marks of the Church

Acts 2:42-47

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
The Church Empowered (2018)
Bible Book(s): 
church, signs and wonders, breaking of bread, fellowship, devoted, jesus, row, circle, chair, Jaques

This message challenges us to look at the marks of the Church to produce a healthy church. The church was fueled with a deep devotion to the Lord and to one another that impacted those outside the church. Answering the questions of Why?; What fueled this and inspired this kind of generosity?; and Why were they eager to inconvenience themselves like this? What does it mean to have this kind of devotion? The early church was characterized by being devoted (giving themselves) to the apostle's teaching and to fellowship. It is the Holy Spirit that empowers this to happen in and through our lives. He empowers us to love others when it is inconvenient. He is the One that takes our words when we share the Gospel with others to transform hearts.

Elements included in this recording:
Welcome and Announcements by Brian Sturm (0:00)
Teaching by Dick Jaques (6:52)