May 13, 2018

Hannah's Prayer

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Dick Jaques
Bible Book(s): 
1 Samuel
jesus, infertility, suffering, love better than life, Hannah, prayer, Jaques

Hannah's Prayer challenges us to understand the power of prayer in and through our lives. Hannah upon not conceiving children cried out with a bitter soul. As she turned to focus on God in the midst of her sorrow, the Lord brings her heart to one of worship. Finding His love better than life. Children are not our source of life...God is! Hold them with an open hand as we responsibly parent them. We see how much God cares for every struggle and every part of our lives. God can and will supply for us everything we need. Psalm 62:5,8
Elements included in this recording:
Baptisms: Jason Nutter (1:06), Malachi Armstrong (5:24), Judah Flippo (7:41), Zeke Flippo (11:20), Sarah Nutter (14:04)
Baby Celebration (19:50)
Announcements (26:05)
Message (31:40)  with video below

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