July 15, 2018

The God of Restoration

2 Samuel 9

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
The Colorful Life of David (2018)
Bible Book(s): 
2 Samuel
David, Mephibosheth, hiding, family, identity, deserving, lovingkindness, gospel, Jaques, jesus

The story of David and Mephibosheth encourage and challenge us to see our own condition through Mephibosheth's condition , the kindness of David and God's kindness to us. Mephibosheth, the grandson of the king, was a man in hiding, crippled and poor. Just as David called him out of hiding and restored his dignity and royalty, so has Jesus done that for all that receive Him.

Elements included:
Object Lesson with David Hogg. [0:00]
Announcements with Angie Flippo. [4:48]
Message with Dick Jaques. [8:25]

PowerPoint attached.