July 30, 2018

"You are the Man!"

2 Samuel 11

Nate Sapp
Message Series: 
The Colorful Life of David (2018)
David sin lust repentance

David has peace in his kingdom and we find him relaxing in his home. In this state, David allows sin and lust to grip his heart. He lays with another man's wife and proceeds to kill the husband after he finds out she is pregnant. After multiple opportunities to confess and repent David finally is confronted by Nathan the prophet in which he tells a parable. David communicates harsh judgement on the man in the parable and Nathan replies back to David that "You are the man!" Nate Sapp expounds on this chapter and informs us that "stubborn sin sabotages but rapid repentance restores."

Kids - 0:00, Announcements - 6:28, Message - 11:35