August 5, 2018

The Power of Worship

Psalm 103

Robbie Nutter
Message Series: 
The Colorful Life of David (2018)
Bible Book(s): 
worship, David, remember, Word of God, creation, heart, Worshipper, Nutter

This Summer we have been studying the life of David in 1st and 2nd Samuel. Robbie Nutter in this message looks at one of David's Psalms and the impact of a heart of worship. He shares three pathways he sees in this Psalm that lead us in placing our affections to our Creator. These pathways to the throne of Grace are (1) Remember how we met God, (2) The Word of God, and (3) Testimony of God in His Creation. David's heart was infused with passion, courage and authority when he set his affections on the Lord. Our horizontal power/courage comes from a healthy vertical relationship with the living God...the Gospel.

Elements Included:
Object Lesson with Eric Neilson [0:00]
Announcements with Angie Flippo  [4:40]
Message with Robbie Nutter  [8:08]