August 26, 2018

Vision: Becoming Like The Christ

Luke 6:40

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
Vision (2018)
Bible Book(s): 
vision, disciple, Christ, scripture, dependence, missional, Jaques

The second of a three part series on the Vision of New Hope, our Pastor Dick Jaques challenges us in becoming like The Christ. To become like Jesus happens as we spend time with Him. Dick gives us 4 Marks of a Disciple that lead us to become more and more like The Christ, (1) Live within the boundaries of Scripture (2) Live in dependence on Christ (3) Visible reflection of Christ (4)Missional heartbeat of God. 

Elements included:
Announcements by Nathan Lenz (0:00-5:22)
Special Announcement by Dick Jaques (5:22-11:28)
Message by Dick Jaques  (11:28)