December 2, 2018


Hope: Luke 1:5-25

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
Advent. Foretold|Forgotten (2018)
Bible Book(s): 
jesus, suffering, doubt, faith, Zechariah, Elizabeth, despair, disappointment, hope

There are times in our lives when we believe are walking in obedience with God, yet we feel a deep sense of disappointment. Zechariah and Elizabeth may have felt they were forgotten by God by not being able to have children; even while they

were serving God the best they knew how. How could this become potential for crisis in someone’s spiritual journey? Have you ever had a season when you felt forgotten by God, when your prayers seemed unanswered? What can

Zechariah and Elizabeth teach us about how to walk through seasons like this?

Elements included:

Announcements by Justin Wiebers (includes announcing our Building Core Team Leaders). (0:00-6:00)

Message by Dick Jaques and testimony from Amy Reid. (6:00-48:39)

Benediction by Dick Jaques (48:39)

Attached: Powerpoint and picture of the Thurlow family sharing our first Advent Sunday.