December 9, 2018

The Upside-Down Kingdom

Luke 1:26-56

Nate Sapp
Message Series: 
Advent. Foretold|Forgotten (2018)

God wants to work supernaturally in our lives. The Lord chose a simple woman to conceive his Son, Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Nate looks at this passages theme that God delights to honor and use those the world will hardly notice. Our lives are all broken. Nate gives us the challenge to wait, watch and listen for God's activity in our life, to be a person of hope and to relate with God through the filter of your great need for His intervention in your life.
Elements included:
Begins with our 2nd Advent led by David and Malachi Hogg (0:00)
Announcements by Dave Gevock.  (3:10)
Message by Nate Sapp (10:08)