January 27, 2019

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Mark 1:1-15

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
King of the Kingdom:A Study of Mark (2019)
Bible Book(s): 
Mark, jesus, Holy Spirit, repentance, forgiveness, sin, temptation, kingdom, trust, God

 Mark confronts us with the important questions you can answer: Who is Jesus Christ, and how should we respond to Him? In the opening chapter, Mark gives us the answer to these questions, the identity of Jesus in verses 1-15 is revealed over and over. Jesus ends this section in verse 15, "The Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel."  How will you respond to the truths presented? 


Elements included:

Announcements by Angie Flippo (0:00)

Sanctity of Life by Barb Sanderson (3:43)

Message by Dick Jaques (11:59)

Benediction by Dick Jaques (56:51)

Powerpoint included.