February 24, 2019

Membership at New Hope

Dick Jaques, Dave Gevock
Bible Book(s): 
Psalm, Mark, Ephesians, Philippians
Membership, jesus, commitment, heart attitudes, spiritual correction, relationships, culture, ministry, servant leaders, emerging generation, heart, giving

Welcome to the  "Intro to New Hope Class." You will hear about our heart on membership. We introduced the 7 Heart Attitudes that as members following Christ we will seek to live out. You also will hear about how our strategic anchors work to form the culture at New Hope and our vision to help people walk with God for their life. 


Elements Included:
Announcements by Dick Jaques (0:00)
Heart Attitudes by Dick Jaques (5:30)
Ministry Culture by Dave Gevock (21:45)
Benediction by Dick Jaques (51:03)

PowerPoints also included.

Picture of our Membership Commitment Tree...signing began today.