May 12, 2019

Finding Life in a World of Chaos

Mark 12:28-34

Dave Gevock
Message Series: 
King of the Kingdom:A Study of Mark (2019)
Bible Book(s): 
Mark, Colossians
Greatest Commandments, Love God, Love others, jesus, sacrificially, gevock

Mark 12:28-34 gives us understanding where to find our hope and life in this world filled with chaos. Dave looks at the two greatest commandments to 1.) Love God supremely and 2.) Love others sacrificially.

Elements included:
Baby Celebrations with 6 precious families led by Dick Jaques (0:00)
Announcements from Joe Catterson (8:00)
Message and Benediction from Dave Gevock (11:50)

PowerPoints included (Baby Celebration/Message)