June 1, 2019

The Kingdom Is Worth It All

Matthew 13:44-46

Nate Sapp
Message Series: 
The Storyteller: Parables of Jesus (Summer 2019)
Bible Book(s): 
kingdom, joy, sacrifice, jesus, serving, treasure, Sapp

These parables teach that the Kingdom of God is so valuable that the wise are willing to sacrifice anything in order to gain it.

Reflection Questions from today's message:
1. What do you hold onto and stress out about letting go of?
2. Is serving or giving a chore right now or a delight?
3. Where do you find yourself sacrificing for the kingdom?
4. Are you living a satisfied life?

Elements included:
Object lesson with Joe and Olivia Catterson (0:00)
Announcements with Angie Flippo (3:33)
Message with Nate Sapp (7:49)