July 21, 2019

God's Undercover Kingdom

Luke 13:18-21

Jon Pagel
Message Series: 
The Storyteller: Parables of Jesus (Summer 2019)
Bible Book(s): 
mustard seed, moments, gospel, jesus, kingdom, Pagel

God's kingdom is here, undercover, in mustard see moments. Out of the most insignificant beginnings, invisible to human eyes, God creates his mighty Kingdom, which embraces all the peoples of the world. Are we looking for those mustard seed moments where God is working to build His kingdom in and through our lives?

Elements Included:
KidsLIFE Parable Object Lesson with David Hogg (0:00)
Announcements and Reflections from Fusion Youth Mission Trip to Mission Arlington with Joe Catterson, Fusion Director and youth testimony from Payton Mills. (6:15)
Message with Jon Pagel (15:00)

Powerpoint Included.