September 8, 2019

A Generous God. A Generous Heart.

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Dick Jaques
Message Series: 
Vision 2019
Bible Book(s): 
Deuteronomy, 2 Corinthians
giving, generous, trust, attitude, heart, heart attitude, sowing and reaping, Jaques

Living a generous lifestyle isn’t something we’ll learn overnight. We won’t be completely transformed because we’ve listened to a sermon on the generous life. It’s a process in which we’ll be involved the rest of our lives. It’s a habit that needs to be formed. But the first step towards this kind of life is simply being willing to do what God calls us to do.

Elements Included:
Announcements from Joe Catterson. (0:00)
Message and Benediction from Dick Jaques. (5:05)

Powerpoint included.