Pastor Search Team Update & Prayer Requests

by Erika Sapp

May 4, 2015

Pastor Search Team logo

Hello church!  Thanks so much for continuing to go before God on behalf of our church!  This is an important time in our community, and its a privilege to share it with you. 

Here is where we are at currently:

· After receiving the initial application and questionnaire from over 100 applicants, the pool has been narrowed down to 9.

· We have developed and sent out a second-level questionnaire to the 9 afore-mentioned applicants.

· There are still some incoming applicants that have yet to be reviewed.  

Our next steps are to:

· Begin reading through the second-level questionnaires as they come in.  The goal of this questionnaire is to gain a more specific understanding of the candidates' relationship with God and their ministry and leadership styles.  Each one could be 10+ pages, so we will be doing a lot of reading.

· Continue reviewing, for the first time, those applicants that are still coming in.  Some of these may be sent a second-level questionnaire as well.

· In a few weeks, we hope to have the pool narrowed down to 2 or 3 applicants.


· that, as we read over these pages, we would value what God values and see with His eyes.  That those who stand out to us would be those who abide deeply in Christ, who are humble and repentant, who have allowed God to impact their lives, and who are capable leaders/teachers.   (Proverbs 9:10, 1 Samuel 16:7, Micah 6:8)

· for agreement as a team.  Not because we have been struggling with each other.  On the contrary, we have so enjoyed working and being together!  This is not an issue.  What we are asking is that God bring us all in agreement as we narrow the pool down to 2-3 applicants.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Pastor Search Team, please contact Team Leader and Elder, Tony Classen, at