New Hope Newsletter #31 Published!

October 14, 2016

Feature Article: A Year of Gratitude

New Hopers, the newest edition of our very own “New Hope Newsletter” has just been published! This 31st Edition is published exclusively online on a newly built section of our website. Now you can access and read this timely collection of articles whenever you want — even from your smartphone. This publication is one of the primary ways we communicate at New Hope so click on Resources, then Newsletters or go directly to and read an article or two (or nine)! If you’d prefer, you can also down a full print version of the Newsletter as well.

Articles in this Edition:

  1. A Year of Gratitude: Reflections on Being a New Hope for a Year by Dick Jaques
  2. Sabbatical was Great!: #deaversabventures by Ben Deaver
  3. When is the ‘Right Time’ to be Baptized? by Kira Buser
  4. Team 1:27 Adoption/Foster/Orphan Care: #thepalmersadopt & Orphan Sunday by Shea Palmer & Audrey Armstrong
  5. The Importance of Friendship: Fusion Youth Ministry by Lizy Johnson
  6. International Student Ministry: Labor Day Pizza Party & Family/Student Partnerships by Lucas Shivers & Barb Sanderson
  7. Recommended Resource: Gospel Eldership by Ben Deaver
  8. We Are Not Alone in Our Plight: Reflections on Hope, Salvation, & the Movie Interstellar by Dave Geldart
  9. A Star to Steer By — Revised! by Dale Bremer