New Hope Newsletter #32 Just Published

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March 10, 2017

Caravaggio: Ecce Homo

New Hopers, the newest edition of our very own "New Hope Newsletter" has just been published! This 32nd Edition is published exclusively online, so you can access and read this timely collection of articles whenever you want -- even from your smartphone. This publication is one of the primary ways we communicate at New Hope so click on Resources, then Newsletters or go directly to and read an article or two (or nine) at a time!  If you'd prefer, you can also down a full print version of the Newsletter as well.

Articles in this Edition:

  1.  Cultivating the Culture of Our Community through a Christocentric Calendar  by Ben Deaver
  2.  The Subtle Power of Distorted Images of God  by Dick Jaques
  3.  Ricky Greeve Recommended to the Elder Team  by Dick Jaques
  4.  Finding Truth and Beauty in Babylon: A Kingdom-Minded Case for Cultural Literacy  by Dave Geldart
  5.  Talking to Young Kids About Pornography  by Kira Buser
  6.  Hear from Malek  by Malek Shivers
  7.  Recommended Resources: Against the Flow  by Dave Geldart