2018 Budget Proposal

Feedback Invited by December 16th

December 6, 2017


On Sunday, December 3, the elders presented their 2018 proposed budget during the Central Gathering. The church body is invited to give feedback over the following two weeks (by December 16, 2017). You can watch/listen to that announcement here.

The Proposed Budget summary sheet is attached below. Here are a few highlights about this proposed budget:

  • With consideration of our new Church Plant to launch in April, the elders propose a 4 month budget to run January - April, 2018.
  • Both New Hope and the Plant will work during that time to present their own 12 month budgets to go into effect beginning in May 2018.
  • The proposed 2018 budget is simply an extension of the approved 2017 budget, adjusted for a 4-month time frame. 
  • Additionally, because of slight increases in rent and healthcare for 2018, the budgeted amounts for Missions Giving and Adult Equipping have been slightly reduced to keep the final overall budgeted expenses the same as 2017.
  • Ben Deaver and Dave Geldart will be paid through the end of April 2018 and fully rotate off New Hope payroll effective May 1, 2018.
  • New Hope has set up an internal "Church Plant Fund" for those wishing to give tax-deductable donations toward the Church Plant.  Those outside New Hope can begin giving to this Fund immediately. Additionally, New Hopers strongly considering joining the Plant are encouraged to shift their regular giving to this Church Plant Fund beginning January 1, 2018. Those planning to stay at New Hope are also encouraged to give to this Church Plant Fund over and above their regular giving to New Hope.

If you have any feedback or questions about this proposed budget, please email the elders by Saturday December 16, 2017 at elders@newhopeks.org.