November 22, 2015

Ben Deaver gave an extended announcement about Tony Classen rotating off the Elder Team (as of last week).  The time was spent talking about New Hope's desire to bring on 1-3 new elders by the beginning of 2016, the new Elder Recommendation Form available to New Hopers, and then finished with a time of recognition and thanks to Tony Classen...

November 15, 2015

This special ceremony celebrated and affirmed the commissioning of Dick Jaques as lead pastor of our church.

November 15, 2015

This announcement by Tony Classen on behalf of the elders officially recognizes and thanks Ben Deaver for his graceous and faithfull service to our church as Interim Pastor during this transition season.  

October 25, 2015

This announcement by Tony Classen on behalf of the elders covers timely topics like Dick Jaques starting as lead pastor of New Hope next Sunday, November 1st, our church's concluding season of transition, and pastor appreciation month.

October 4, 2015

Dick and Nancy Jaques

The Elders and Pastor Search Team are excited to announce that as of Sunday, October 4th, Dick Jaques ("jay"-"queeze") has been officially hired as New Hope's lead pastor.  He will start work on November 1st.  Please join in praying for Dick and Nancy's transition to the Little Apple...

September 21, 2015

Jaques family pic

Hello New Hope family! We are excited about where God has led us, and about recommending Dick Jaques (along with his wife, Nancy) for the Lead Pastor position at New Hope.  God is faithful and He has led us to a humble, gentle, and wise couple!  In case you missed the announcement at church on Sunday, you can find it online (along with a link ...

September 20, 2015

Dick and Nancy Jaques

New Hope's Elders and Pastor Search Team are excited to recommend Dick Jaques ("jay"-"queeze") for New Hope's lead pastor position.  

New Hopers will have two weeks (through October 3rd) to give any feedback to the Elders (elders' email links below) about this recommendation.  Then, New Hope will officially extend the invitation to Dick Jaques on ...

September 2, 2015

Pastor Search Team logo

Hello again church family!  Please pardon the wait since our last update. :)  We are excited to be sharing with you where we have been the last few weeks and where we are headed!  I would like to look back and remember what we have been ...

August 30, 2015

Before the message on Sunady, August 30th, there were these announcements, including a special report about the college summer international missions trips.

August 23, 2015

This special announcement was a recognition of Mindi Sturm's service to New Hope as KidsLIFE Director and a chance to thank her publically.  It was given by Rudy Mills on behalf of the elders and all of New Hope...