Newsletter / Issue 28, May 2015

Base Hits

By Ben Deaver


“You’re looking for base hits, not home runs.” This Wade Brown-ism has stuck with me over this last year. I first connected with Wade Brown (see page 11) as I called the PastorServe office over a year ago on behalf of the New Hope elder team as we were in anticipation of upcoming transition. Just like the Kansas City Royals of last season’s post-season we have been great at getting base hits recently as a church.

Here are a few examples of the base hits we’ve hit related to our Central Gathering since the last New Hope NEWS:

  • We wrapped up our Reclaiming Spiritual Disciplines teaching series.
  • We launched our new Hospitality Team on Sunday, May 3rd. Jodi Pribyl has stepped up to spearhead this team.
  • We had our first Baptism Celebration together at our Central Gathering since 2011 on Sunday, May 3rd. Check this out online if you missed it.
  • Our Central Gathering coffee has gotten noticeably better as we’ve done some more research on how to best use the percolators. This is a small but important detail.
  • We finally got a new projector up and running so we can actually see pictures on Sunday mornings.
  • We started videotaping our Central Gathering and posting that online again.
  • We’ve gotten our social media going more proactively. Follow newhopeks on Instagram and Twitterand like the New Hope Church Facebook Page if you haven’t already.
  • We started a new teaching series on Galatians: Freedom Under Attack.

Base hits in broader church life:

  • We continue to help NH families pursue adoption.
  • We continuing to develop and expand our church library at The Greenhouse.
  • We continue to steward the resource of The Greenhouse well by making it available to other organizations, including Christian Challenge, Navs, Cru, Bridges International, H.I.S., Life Choice Ministries, The Homestead, and others.

Look for opportunities to get base hits in your own life. Jump into a LIFE Group, disciple a younger believer, get an international friend, read a good book, seize a Kairos moment, memorize some Scripture, etc. Of course our analogy breaks down this season as the Royals are now hitting home runs! Who knows what God has in store for our church?