Newsletter / Issue 28, May 2015

Tandem Youth Home

By Kelly Carmody

Tandem logo

The Tandem Youth Home will be established in the Manhattan area, specifically targeting youth between the ages of 12-18 that are in the custody of the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) foster care system. We will create an environment that will provide safety, encouragement, support and healing. Each youth will be partnered with a team of volunteer mentors, who will assist in providing support and encouragement. Tandem will be run as a transitional living home that also provides life skills training and tutoring assistance.  Tandem also desires to provide scholarships for youths that are aging out of the foster care system, as well as providing the opportunity to participate in job apprenticeships within the community.

The Tandem team is grateful for all of the support we have received! We had a fundraiser in April at City Park that raised over $1,100 as well as generating awareness in the community about Tandem. It was a wonderful afternoon and a successful event! Our crowd-funding campaign also raised over $6,000.

Tandem has been in conversation with the Department for Children and Families, child welfare agencies in the community, and other organizations who are working to support children in foster care – we have received tremendous encouragement from all of these entities.  Currently, Tandem is in the final steps of becoming a 501(c)(3) which will enable us to apply for grants and have the guidance of a board of directors. We are hopeful that this process will be finalized in June.

Tandem is already supporting 6 youth in 2 homes. One of our team members recently agreed to foster a third teenage boy so that the young man would not have to be relocated to a new community. He is thriving in the home and we have been guiding him as he chooses which college he wants to attend after graduating next spring.  Another team member will be fostering a teen girl and was able to amend her license to take another child, as this child needed a therapeutic, experienced foster home to love and invest in her. Prayers for a smooth transition for this young woman are appreciated!

In the long-term, Tandem will be looking for land to purchase that will enable us to build 3-4 homes to fill with teens in foster care. We continue to work on our mentoring program and will be reaching out for families and individuals to commit to mentoring a teen in foster care in the coming months.  Our hope is to build a network of support around each teen in our care, as well as reaching out to other foster families in our community whose youth would benefit from more positive adults investing in them.

We have a Facebook page, and we’re working on a website today.  Any support can be mailed to 3897 Golden Eagle Dr., Manhattan, KS 66502.  All checks made out to Tandem.

Thank you for supporting Tandem! We covet your prayers and support in this endeavor as we strive to follow Jesus as He leads us!