Issue 29, March 2016

This is the 29th Issue of our New Hope Newsletter.  It is the first issue published exclusively online.

Rear View Mirror

"I do not cease to give thanks for you…"

What you’re reading now is a launch of a brand new web-based version of our New Hope NEWS. We’ve revamped the name to something much, much more exciting. Wait for it… Drum roll please… It’s my privilege and honor to be the first to introduce to you…New Hope Newsletter! 

Dick and Nancy Jaques

A Note from the Lead Pastor

This time last week I had just gotten out of spending five days in the hospital. While I was there Nancy and I both experienced your love for us, and are continuing to experience it. However, I did not need to get to the hospital to know your love for us. We have been greatly blessed...

The Jaques Family

Dick and I met at Kansas State University through our involvement with Christian Challenge. After dating for two and a half years, the Lord led us to be married on May 7, 1983. Some verses the Lord used...


For Your Growth and Ministry

Here are some recommended resources to help you grow and develop your personal ministry. Consider jumping into one of these newly acquired books, available either for checkout at The Greenhouse or for $10 at the Resource Table...

Ephesians logo

Our Current Teaching Series

“We do what we do because we think like we think.” This sentence has resounded through the halls of New Hope this semester. As Americans we often want to know what we should do to fix something. We’re all about DYI (do it yourself). We get so frustrated...

Fusion Logo

Our Fusion Leaders

Hello all! It is my great honor and privilege to write an article all about our awesome FuLe Team! So let me first tell you a little bit about what it means to be a FuLe Team member...

The Boys

Another New Hope Family's Story of Pursuing Adoption

Greetings New Hope, You may not know us yet, as we are fairly new to the New Hope community, so allow me to introduce ourselves...

The Sandersons

Getting to Know Mike and Barb

Mike and I, along with our daughter Bailey, first attended New Hope in May 2014. That Sunday was the send-off for the previous lead pastor. While we felt out of place and wished we had picked a different Sunday to visit...

Cigarettes and Cell Cable

Cell Phone Addiction

I feel I need to begin this article with some sort of confession, like in a recovery meeting. “Hi. My name’s John.” [The small group responds, “Hi John.”] “And I’m a user.” [Group leader says, “This is a safe place, John. Tell us your story.”] Shifting a little uneasily in my chair, I continue...