Newsletter / Issue 29, March 2016

Meet the FuLe Team

Our Fusion Leaders

By Lizy Johnson

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Hello all! It is my great honor and privilege to write an article all about our awesome FuLe Team! So let me first tell you a little bit about what it means to be a FuLe Team member. Fusion Student Ministries cannot function without the involvement of our volunteer team, which we call our Fusion Leaders, or FuLe for short. When a volunteer applies to help with Fusion, there are several responsibilities that go with this position. We do ask for a year-long commitment. This gives the leaders enough time to intentionally invest and build up trust with our youth, which is huge with our adolescent students. Consistency and trust are potentially the biggest components to this position. We also ask that our FuLe team member attends our weekly Fusion Central on Wednesday nights, that they attend Fusion events roughly once a month, and engage deeply with our students in small group and discipleship relationships. I personally have been so incredibly blessed with an awesome FuLe Team since I started this position almost two years ago. They are an amazing group of diverse individuals, each gifted in different ways and bring different leadership traits and styles to the table. Fusion is so blessed!

There are no words to express my deep thanks and appreciation for these people. To be a part of a team that loves to serve, encourage, pray for and invest in teenagers is truly a gift. Working with our Fusion youth these past several years has brought me some of the greatest joys in my life and having people to share in those joys in simply amazing. I will say, this is not always an easy position. When working with teenagers you will face rejection, comparison, resistance, rebellion and hurt. But the positives FAR outweigh the difficult times. Engaging in a worship service, hands raised, standing alongside a student is so incredibly humbling. Being present when a student surrenders their life to Christ is a life-changing experience. Witnessing a small group of girls rally around each other in tears and prayer will stick with you forever. Seeing upper-classmen guys pursuing and discipling younger jr. high boys re-invents the way you think a youth ministry is “supposed” to work. Our Fusion Leaders are not set out to make disciples of themselves, but to make disciples of Jesus and walk with students as they question, seek and pursue faith in Christ.

So if you happen to see any of these FuLe Team members around, maybe give them a high-five and ask them how they see God working within Fusion and the lives of our students. They will be more than excited to share with you.  

So without further ado, here is our Fule Team!

The Georges

Will & Megan George

Hi! We are Will and Megan George. I (Megan) have been helping with Fusion for about a year and a half. Will has been helping since February after returning home from deployment, although he is currently deployed again. We moved to Manhattan in May, 2014. We are both originally from Florida and love living in Kansas and helping with the Fusion youth!

Nick& Lizy Johnson

Nick & Lizy Johnson

Hey there! We’re the Johnsons, and we’ve been helping with Fusion for several years now… at least I have (Lizy). I started volunteering on the FuLe team consistently in January 2010, working alongside Ryan Nutter as Youth Director. I stepped into the role of Fusion Director in May 2014. I have loved every minute… and late late hours, of being on the FuLe team. Nick joined our FuLe team in March of 2015. He is currently a high school math teacher in Junction City at the Freshman Success Academy. We both have such a heart for youth and love to see our students grow in their personal relationships with Christ and seek to live out the Gospel in their daily lives, not just on Sunday morning or Wednesday nights.

Danielle McCulley

Danielle McCulley

My name is Danielle McCulley and I am the manager of a local floral shop called Acme Gift! I studied Fine Arts and entrepreneurship at KSU (I love to paint!), and I have been working with Fusion since the spring of 2011. I was actually impacted through this ministry as a middle schooler, and I have loved getting to give back to a group that poured into me and helped me find my own walk with Christ. It's been amazing to watch our youth grow in their relationships with God over the years through many different challenges, and I especially love getting to discuss life issues with our middle school and high school girls. Our students are so fun, have tons of energy and are open to learning and discussing - they have given us so much joy, and made serving in this role quite the adventure. I'm so grateful for this team and the wonderful support we have as a part of New Hope!

Tyler Meek

Tyler Meek

My name is Tyler and I am a senior at Kansas State University studying Music Education. I started helping with Fusion 2 years ago because I felt God calling me to fuse (all puns intended) my passions for God, youth, and discipleship there. Since I joined the FuLe Team, I have seen the Lord transform souls from cruel and proud to loving and humble, I have seen kids mature into adults, and have played more dodge-ball than I ever thought possible.

Brad & Shea Palmer

Brad & Shea Palmer

Hi! We are Brad and Shea Palmer. I (Shea) joined the FuLe Team two summers ago after hearing a couple students tell during the CG how amazing their summer camp experience had been. I turned to my friend and said, "I want to hang out with them". Brad was deployed and I was looking for all the community I could find. Brad jumped right in when he came home and it's now so fun to do this together. We both really enjoy getting to know the youth and building relationships with those in Fusion.