Newsletter / Issue 29, March 2016

The Abernathys to Adopt

Another New Hope Family's Story of Pursuing Adoption

By Rita Abernathy

The Boys
The Boys

Greetings New Hope,

You may not know us yet, as we are fairly new to the New Hope community, so allow me to introduce ourselves.

Roger is a service member in the US Army. He has served over 13 years, and we have been married for 8 of those years. I (Rita) have a home-based business selling women's clothing from our living room, allowing me the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

This past spring, we PCS'd to Fort Riley and soon after, hosted two orphaned brothers from Ukraine for seven weeks. It was a fun-filled and very busy summer, but we loved every second of it! We are now pursuing adoption of these two boys, as well as a third child – a sweet girl from their same orphanage and good buddy of the boys.

Sweet Girl
Sweet Girl

Roger and I are nearing the end of our adoption process. We have a few more forms to fill out to complete our Dossier, the Ukrainian official paperwork. From there, our facilitators will translate our documents. We will then wait for our referral appointment and travel to Ukraine to begin a process of about six weeks in country.

Please pray that our travel will be smooth, appointments will be accepted well, and that the military will be gracious with Rogers requested leave. We also have a few pending grant applications, so please continue praying for the financial aid to supplement our adoption costs.

Thank you, New Hope, for your prayers and support of our adoption. We are so excited to bring our children home and introduce them to our New Hope family.