Issue 31, October 2016

This is the 31th Edition of our very own Newsletter.  Published October 14, 2016.  Please take some time to read through these timely articles online.  Or you can download the full newsletter in PDF form below.

Dick & Nancy Jaques

Reflections on Being at New Hope for a Year

Nancy and I are coming up on being at New Hope for a year!  So I wanted to express the things I am grateful for . . .

Sabbatical Was Great Shirt


Sabbatical was great! Thanks for asking. Fo’ realz! It was awesome! I’d say that my summer sabbatical from June 12 to September 12 was a homerun. In fact, that’s what I did say when I gave a little sabbatical report at our Central Gathering on September 18. If you missed that go back and give it a listen here: Baptism Celebration & "Jesus, the 3mph God".


I have a confession to make...I LOVE Baptism Sundays! I wish EVERY Sunday was a Baptism Sunday! Wouldn’t that be amazing if there was a public profession of faith every single time our church gathered for Central Gathering? Hearing testimonies, watching the faces of the dunkee, dunker, family...

The Palmers

#thepalmersadopt & Orphan Sunday

Brad and I are so thrilled to update you on our adoption! IT'S FINAL! But let me back up here.  Our adoption journey was not what we expected. Last August Brad and I turned in our initial application to adopt with American Adoptions and I remember us immediately turning to each other with both excitement and fear... 

Fusion students

Fusion Youth Ministry

How important are friendships during adolescence? I think back to my years in high school, roughly 10 years ago, and have such sweet, fond memories of those relationships. They were strong, they were engaging, still somewhat immature and yet so very influential. Youth crave friendships, and place...

Pizza Party friends

Labor Day Pizza Party & Family/Student Partnerships

The Labor Day Pizza Party, sponsored by New Hope, served more than 100 Americans and Internationals at Jardine's Firth Community Center on Sept. 5. The event, supported with Helping International Students (HIS) at KSU, brought together new friends and already established relationships for a time of dinner and games around a standing American holiday...

Gospel Eldership Book

Equipping a New Generation of Servant Leaders

We are an elder-led church, a unique feature among Southern Baptist churches (yes, we're actually Southern Baptist!). Last year we developed an Elder Qualifications document that explains the type of men qualified to serve as elders and the process by which they are selected. The reality is...


Reflections on Hope, Salvation, and the Movie Interstellar

Sometimes it’s funny how God leads me during my times with Him.  Recently I was sitting at Radina’s Bakehouse on a Friday morning at 7am (I typically try to spend a couple hours before work on Fridays reading, journaling, praying, etc.).  I came in anxious and emotionally exhausted from some intense ministry engagement ...

I stood outside on the deck of my hotel listening to the surf quietly lap the beach. It was a beautiful Maine evening, with stars blazing overhead and a gentle breeze blowing warm for early October. Out in the darkness my eyes traced a dim line of lights running along the shore of the peninsula that jutted far out to sea. Where the lights ended, I assumed...