Newsletter / Issue 33, June 2017

WOTY Word Cloud

Our 2017 Words Of The Year

By Ben Deaver

2017 WOTY Word Cloud

We’re halfway through 2017 and finally have our 2017 WOTY Word Cloud done! Hope you got your word on there. Now that we’ve chosen our words lets encourage and pray for each other. Here’s the list of all New Hopers who’ve submitted their word including a corresponding verse and reason for the word: New Hope's 2017 WOTYs List.

What a gift to have this personal insight into each of these people’s lives! This is a glimpse into a small part of what God is doing in their life this year. I encourage you to reach out to each other and offer a word of encouragement or follow up question or a resource specifically related to people’s word of the year. For example, I recently texted Jason Rounds to ask him how he’s doing with his 2017 WOTY, "HALCYON." We had a great text exchange. What a cool WOTY word, by the way. You may glance through the list and wonder why certain people chose the word they did. Lean into that curiosity and strike up a conversation. I’m so curious why Ellie Musil chose "LINGER." You may also wonder if Dick Jaques’ word "FLOURRRRISH" is a typo. I can tell you that it’s not. You should ask him about his word.

Pray for each other. Pray that I would become more "MEEK." Pray that Maris would grow in "CORE-STRENGTH." Pray that Melissa Harstine would become more "ESTABLISHED." Pray that Adam McKinney would grow in "MATURITY." Pray that Jordan Sutton would become more "SECURE." Pray that Steve Thorpe would make the most of this next season in "HAWAII." Pray for "HOPE" for Audrey Armstrong and "PEACE" for Jenny Terrell. You get the idea.  Take a look at the list and let the Spirit lead you into prayer for each other and conversation with one another. Then follow the Spirit’s leading!

It’s too late to have your word in the word cloud but not too late to submit your word for our online list. You can do that here: WOTY 2017 Submission Form.

Check out even more WOTY resources, including New Hope messages about WOTYs, a WOTY worksheet, and past years WOTY lists and Word Clouds at our full Word of the Year page.

Who knows how we might grow this year if we’ll just stay in step with the Spirit?