March 17, 2019

Mark 4:35-5:20

Robbie Nutter
Message Series: 
King of the Kingdom:A Study of Mark (2019)

Learning to trust God with the outer circumstances of life (the storm on the sea) and trusting God with our soul (the story of the demoniac). 

December 30, 2018

Joshua 4

Dave Gevock

A cancer patient will 'Ring the Bell' when the time comes that marks being cancer free. In Joshua 4 God calls Joshua to mark his victory by placing stones of remembrance.

July 5, 2015

Mark 4:35-41

Ben Deaver

This message on Jesus calming the storm is geared toward children as well as adults, and invites the hearer to consider what they do when life's "scary storms" come up.  How long do you wait before you go "wake" Jesus?