Your First Time Visiting New Hope's Central Gathering

Central Gathering

The first Sunday morning you go to a new church can be a challenge.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you visit New Hope's Central Gathering (CG).


Our CG runs from 10-11:20am on Sunday mornings.


New Hope Church meets for our CG at Flint Hills Christian School. The school is located at 3905 Green Valley Road, about a quarter-mile north of Highway 24, directly east of Manhattan Town Center Mall.  


What to Expect

  • Most people come casually dressed, so wear what you feel comfortable with.
  • We typically play a mix of contemporary Christian music and old hymns.  We have a live band that can consist of everything from a single acoustic guitar to a full rock band.  Banjos and dulcimers have also been known to make an appearance.
  • If you have children, see below.
  • If you're a coffee drinker, grab a cup on your way in at our coffee bar.  We use Bluestem Bistro coffee beans (it's good stuff).
  • If you have a Bible and/or note-taking supplies, plan to bring them.  Otherwise, feel free to grab a free Bible and pen at the Welcome Table, and take notes on the back of your program.
  • Typical CG flow:
    • Music  (10 min)
    • Mingle  (5 min)
    • Announcements  (5 min)
    • Message  (35 min)
    • Music  (15 min)
  • After the CG, people tend to mill around, visit, and help stack chairs in the gym.

What About Kids?

If you have children, we have age-specific classes designed just for them during our CG time through KidsLIFE.  For your first visit, plan on arriving 10 minutes early so that you'll have time to find your child's classroom.  During the school year, infants-age 1 can be dropped off at their classrooms before the CG starts (as early as 9:50am).  Children age 2-6th grade stay in the CG with their parents until the mingle time, during which they are dismissed to their classes.  You will go with them to get them all checked in.  During the summer, all kids infant-6th grade are checked in to their Summer Camp locations before the CG starts (as early as 9:50am).  Children must be picked up and checked out promptly after the CG ends at 11:20am.  We ask parents not to come check out their kids early unless it's an emergency, because it tends to disrupt classroom activities and focus.