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WOTYs for New Hope

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New Hope does something funny called Word of the Year (WOTY for short).  At the beginning of each year, we encourage folks to prayerfully consider picking a growth word -- something they want to cooperate with God to grow in spiritually over the upcoming year.  Could be a character quality, spiritual discipline, or something else.  We ask them to get the honest input for their WOTY from those closest to them -- espcially their spouse or best friends.  Then those interested are invited to share their WOTY with each other.

If you'd like to submit your 2018 WOTY, click below:

If you'd like to view New Hopers' WOTY lists by year, click below:

For more on WOTYs, including how to come up with your WOTY, check out the worksheet attached below as well as these applicable messages: